Cleaning Services In Ashford Kent

ban_indussmaOur clients are a part of the Kaz’s Ashford cleaning services family and as such we look after you as we would a family member. We now have superior cleaning services Ashford Kent available to the householder and the business community and pride ourselves in offering superior cleaning services in Kent area.

A call or an email to us will assure you of prompt responses. Our staff realizes what a drudge cleaning can be and that you as a householder or business need to maintain a clean and germ free environment at all times.

The image you wish to create with a prospective client to your business is of a clean and neat one as this will ultimately reflect the type of service you will ultimately offer any new or existing client. A messy and dirty office environment will reflect a negative image and this will ultimately make your client negative so we will ensure that this will never be the image that you portray.

We have a hot line that will connect you directly to an exceptionally well trained individual who is there purely to be of service to you and will direct a crew to go on site and inspect the premises and give you a fair and equitable

You may require an initial major cleanup followed by weekly or bi-weekly service but these can be tailored to suit your requirements. Special attention will be given to all rooms or offices with emphasis on specific areas if required such as high traffic areas. Perhaps your kitchen or bathroom is the focus area to ensure the health of family or office staff.

We also offer domestic cleaning services in Ashford Kent which is geared to removing the stress of overworked stay at home Moms or even working Moms to ensure that your home is clean and free of dust, dirt and germs which will affect the health of your family. We use powerful cleaning products and our practices are focused on ensuring that no germs or dirt and dust are overlooked. A clan environment is akin to a clean mind and cannot be overemphasized as it contributes t a happy family life or alternatively happy and productive staff who will be happier in clean and germ free working spaces.

Our cleaning crew will give you an assessment once the premises have been checked and together with your quote will give you an estimation of the time required for the first cleanup and then for any subsequent cleaning services as requested.

Should you require a once off clean only we will be happy to oblige

We can be contacted through our website at on an attached request form or you can call us directly for the best and cleanest service in the Kent area for your home or office. We respond quickly and efficiently to all requests.